Becoming a FoxCentral Provider

Any company that provides news, products or services that is usfeul to the FoxPro developer community can become a FoxCentral news provider. We only require that your company is visible, provides worthwhile information to the developer community and uses this service responsibly without spamming the news service.

You can fill out the sign up form at:

To sign up you must provide the following:

Entries are submitted for approval and you will receive an email confirmation once your entry becomes active. Entries can be posted to the FoxCentral site using the Web service interface, which requires a provider ID and password which will be provided to you once you sign up. Make sure you keep this information handy as you will need it in order to post news items.

Once a provider you can use the Web Service to post items to the news service or you can use the FoxCentral Client Sample code, which includes a sample form (AddNews.scx) that you can use to post news items. Or you can also run the form online (requires that VFP 9 is installed) at:

Unzip the EXE file and run from Explorer.

If you don't have VFP 9 installed you can also run the EXE file from within Visual FoxPro. Open VFP, then from the Command Window CD <installpath> and DO newsprovider.exe.

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