What's new in the Visual FoxPro Community

User Security Manager for West Wind Web Connection 1.0 released
Need to add a full authentication system to your Web Connection application? User Security Manager is a drop in interface for West Wind Web Connection to provide user authentication, profile management, account validation, password recovery, a user menu widget and an administrative user management interface. The library is a drop in wwProcess class, along with a set of page templates that can be customized to your application's UI and feature set. Why reinvent the wheel when you can get a head start to one of the most common tasks that almost every Web application needs.
West Wind Web Connection 7.0 has been released
West Wind Web Connection 7.0 is a major upgrade to the popular FoxPro Web development framework. It is a rich and mature tool for building HTML based Web applications and HTTP APIs and services using FoxPro, so you can continue to use what you know to build Web applications. Version 7.0's focus is on making it easier to create new projects, get started quickly and effectively manage, deploy and update your Web Connection applications by providing automated yet customizable tools to set up and manage your applications. There are also many functional improvements, performance enhancements as well as a number of security fixes. As always Web Connection is available as a shareware version to check out for free, with full versions and upgrades available for users of earlier versions.
Philadelphia VFP User Group meets November 13: Scott P. Malinowski
The next meeting of the Philadelphia Visual FoxPro User Group is next Tuesday, November 13. The meeting is at Smooth-On Inc., 5600 Lower Macungie Rd, Macungie, PA 18062. The meeting will begin at 7 PM, but bring some dinner and come as early as 6:30 PM. If you arrive at Smooth-On and there?s no one to let you in, call Bob Pierce at (610) 865-6910. Scott P. Malinowski will present ?Leveraging your product's website to expedite product development and stability.? Scott works for NEMRC (New England Municipal Resource Center). He has been a VFP Developer for 26 years from FoxPro Base upward, with some Quicksilver and Xbase 3. Abstract: Most vertical market applications have a corresponding website to market the sales of their application. The purpose of this session is to show you how easy it can be to use the same website to serve updates, collect and report error information, collect and report other system information, validate active clients and keep your customer databases up to date with current information. The session will show the use five technologies, Visual FoxPro, HTML, perl and FTP and Windows Scheduled Tasks.
West Wind Web Service Proxy Generator 1.62 released
West Wind Technologies has released an update to West Wind Web Service Proxy Generator that addresses a few security and compatibility issues. The proxy generator is a tool to allow you to easily connect FoxPro to SOAP 1.x Web Services by generating a .NET based proxy that is directly callable from FoxPro, without requiring you to create intermediary .NET code. A Wizard facilitates importing of services and generating the .NET proxy and FoxPro wrapper class that can be used to call the service. This updates addresses more explicit support for TLS 1.2 in older clients, and updates security settings and automatically attempts to deal with .NET DLL blocking for internet installed applications.
Web Connection 6.50 Beta available
West Wind Technologies has released Web Connection 6.50 BETA of its Web Development tool set for Visual FoxPro. Web Connection is a rich tool for building HTML based Web applications and HTTP APIs and Services using Visual FoxPro for back-end processing. Version 6.50 updates all support frameworks including upgrades to Bootstrap 4 and FontAwesome 5 and reconfigures how dependencies are loaded (away from now obsolete Bower), adds a number of new Markdown features, support for easily sanitizing HTML from user input and Markdown, new generic wwPDF Printer driver support, many enhancements to wwDotnetBridge and new upload components. Although a major update with lots of support feature updates, the core product has no breaking changes from Version 6. Version 6.50+ is a paid upgrade, but during the beta period registered v6 uses can get the full version and a free shareware version is available to check out Web Connection.
Last Chance to sign up for Web Connection Training at SWFOX
Time is running out - we're only a couple of weeks away from Southwest Fox and there is Web Connection training again this year immediately before the conference. Come to our 2 day West Wind Web Connection workshopand find out how to create powerful Web applications in 2 content packed days. Find out about the new features of Web Connection 6.0 and see them applied in hands on sessions that walk through creating a Web application from scratch. Day one provides an introduction to Web Connection and shows off what's new in Web Connection 6.25, while day 2 brings you a full day of conference style sessions that deep dive into specific Web and Web Connection technologies in detail. Come join us in Gilbert and up your skillset to build modern Web applications with FoxPro.
Markdown Monster 1.13 has been released
West Wind Technologies has released Markdown Monster 1.13 of its popular Markdown Editor, Viewer and Weblog Publishing tool. Markdown is an easy to use writing format for creating HTML content and MM makes it easy to create Markdown content in a productive writing environment with intuitive tooling support. MM can also create HTML and PDF output or can publish Markdown directly to your Weblog. v1.13 brings support for Favorites, a key mappings manager, a new vertical tab bar for Files, outline and Favorites. There have also been a lot of bug fixes and UI tweaks to improve usability. Markdown Monster is free to try but requires a small registration fee for continued use.
West Wind Client Tools 6.22 is out
West Wind Client Tools 6.22 is here with a few exciting updates to existing features. The Client Tools provide a host of Internet functionality to FoxPro applications including SMTP email, FTP and SFTP, and a rich HTTP client. There are also many utility classes including JSON and XML Serializers, a simple business object layer, SQL Server data access wrapper, a powerful .NET bridge to access just about all .NET components without COM registraiton, PDF rendering and more. 6.22 provides a host of improvements including a fix for wwDotnetBridge OS File Blocking, a new generic wwPDF driver for Windows PDF drivers, >16meg HTTP file uploads, a host of Markdown improvements and more. A shareware version is available for download to check out the product and registered users of V6.0 and later can update for free.
Philadelphia VFP User Group meets September 12: Tamar Granor on drag-and-drop
The next meeting of the Philadelphia Visual FoxPro User Group is next Wednesday, September 12. (Note the special meeting night, due to Rosh Hashanah.) The meeting is at Smooth-On Inc., 5600 Lower Macungie Rd, Macungie, PA 18062. The meeting will begin at 7 PM, but bring some dinner and come as early as 6:30 PM. If you arrive at Smooth-On and there?s no one to let you in, call Bob Pierce at (610) 865-6910. Tamar Granor will do a Southwest Fox preview with her session ?Drag Your Applications into the 21st Century with Drag-and-Drop.? Abstract: Users today expect to be able to interact with applications by dragging and dropping. FoxPro has offered drag-and-drop capability since VFP 3, but many developers have never worked with it. In fact, VFP offers two separate approaches for drag-and-drop, a native capability and OLE drag-and-drop, which allows you to interact with other applications and gives you greater control over the process. In this session, we'll look at both approaches and show both how easy simple drag-and-drop is, and the complex things you can accomplish with it.
Southwest Fox 2018: Early-Bird deadline approaches!
Quick reminder: save $50 by registering before early-bird registration deadline next Tuesday, July 31st. Registered attendees gets admission & white papers to all regular conference sessions. Don't miss chance to learn from the best & mix with peers.